What's Quest World?

A live show with comedy, magic, dungeons & dragons!

Be the Hero!

Create a character & follow the call to adventure. 

Fight the Monster!

Use cunning & magic or brute strength to beat your foe.

Win the Glory!

You're quest relies on a little bit of luck...

Glimpse into our realm...

Watch Quest World in action! But remember, every show is different!

"Epic-Fantasy Hilarity"

-Las Vegas Weekly


Experiencing Quest World


A Hero will be chosen from the audience who will embark on an epic quest to win fame & glory ...  or death & destruction! Fate will decide!


Along the Hero's Journey, encounter characters that will either help you on your quest, try to fight you, or just make you laugh trying.


Unlock secrets every show! Roll giant dice and solve puzzles & riddles to determine what you will experience and what stories will be told...

Contact the Realm...

Send an electronic parchment...